Centurion Technologies Provides IT Protection Like No Other

Making a mark in the technology field since its establishment in 1996, Centurion Technologies has risen up the ranks over the years and is now the leading provider of workstation security management software globally. Today, Centurion Tech, the provider of award winning solutions to schools, libraries, companies and organisations internationally, has over 2 million (and counting) licenses of their software worldwide. 


The innovative team, the brains behind CompuGuard and SmartShield Hard-drive protection software, are driven and tenacious in providing cost-saving security for your workstations. At Micro 2000, we believe that it is of utmost importance that the security of your business, regardless of industries, remains secured and hidden from threats at all times. That being said, Micro 2000 has partnered with Centurion Technologies to offer consumers of only the best solution available in the market.


With Centurion’s IT solutions, preserve the integrity of your computer’s configuration and experience the joy of instant ability to restore your computer at any time to your desired configurations even after performing an undesired action. From its impressive range of solutions, Micro 2000 offers SmartShield® Suite, SmartShield® for Mac, SmartShield® Antivirus and, each offers maximum level of protection regardless of the system that your computer runs on.


With SmartShield® Suite, create a virtual space where all your unwanted changes are wiped away upon reboot, freeing you from needing to perform daily tasks while not compromising the integrity of your system. Mac users need not worry as the SmartShield® for Mac provides maximum kernel level security protection for devices. The software not only protects you against all malicious viruses, Trojans, and other unwanted changes upon reboot, it also instantly leaves you a fresh image.


Protect your system one step further with the SmartShield® Antivirus solution. More than just your regular AntiVirus, the solution could just be the most comprehensive and complete security system solution available in its range. Allow the multi-engine platform to protect you and the documents you have saved in your system. Not forgetting the SmartShield® CurrentWare, the solution is the perfect companion to SmartShield, offering many of the technologies our customers can truly benefit from. The technologies integrated match perfectly with SmartShield®’s mission of saving valuable time by prompting under-controlled computing environments.


Never leave your company vulnerable towards uncertainty and threats any longer, our team at Micro 2000 Technology respects and understands the importance of a safe and controlled IT environment. With the help of both Centurion Technology and Micro 2000, your business will always be in safe hands. Learn more here!