Food & Beverages

Micro 2000 has various subsidiaries with many different products and service offerings. Though diversified in our offerings, our advantage is that we are able to provide complementary services, which enhances our customers’ experiences.

At Jus Delish group, we focus on doing a few things well, taking small steps towards reaching a greater oriented goal. Our beliefs are deeply entrenched in the Chinese idiom “欲速则不达” which literally means “the more you hurry, the less progress you are likely to make”. To ensure a sturdy foundation, whilst working in line with our beliefs, years of prudent planning, gaining insights on regional food trends and strategic allocation were done before going forth with any expansion plans.


Adopting a customer centric approach in all our endeavors, You, our customers, truly define what we are. Our offerings of exotic and exquisite oriental cuisines serve to bring about an invigorating sense to our customers, away from the dull and boring food landscape. All our crews have been professionally trained, so that the best possible dining experience could be brought to you. These will be the reasons that drive and propel our organization moving forward.


We aim to provide our customers with more than just a memorable dining experience; our chain of restaurants and food courts are strategically located in places where one could enjoy the bustling city life in Singapore at its fullest (Bugis Village, Sentosa Cove, Orchard Central, One Raffles Place, Clementi and ). So if You are someone who like great food and love to dine at places that are natural crowd attractors, You will not want to miss leaving your footprint at any one of our outlets.

Sweeping the F&B industry by storm since its establishment in 2010, Porn’s Sexy Thai Food has been making headlines with its quirky name and authentic Thai delicacies. Started by two friends, Mr Foo Tuan How and TV Personality, Pornsak Prajakwit, the establishment has come a long way, with multiple outlets in Singapore. Though many have found its brand name controversial, the duo decides to stick with the name, as “Porn” means “Blessing” in Thai. Enjoy authentic Thai food here in Singapore with offerings such as Feisty Tom Yum, Pratunam Fish Cakes and Mango Sticky Rice. Head on over to Porn’s if you’re looking for a new, exciting experience in Singapore! 

Inspired by the widely successful form of steamboat from the Land of Smiles publicly known as H̄mū kratha – Moo Ka Ta, which literally translates to ‘Pork Skillet’, Talay Kata brings a new form of delicacy for all to indulge. Strategically nested in the heart of Orchard, Talay Kata generates a new touch of frenzy in the culinary scene of Singapore by introducing a seafood-based experience. Wordplay between Xāh̄ār thale and kratha, which means seafood and skillet, the restaurant in Orchard Central will be serving a wide array of sumptuous fresh seafood such as Japanese scallops and slipper lobsters, on top of its other delectable dishes. Supplied with a dome-shaped BBQ grill with a moat around it, our patrons can enjoy the best of both worlds – the searing and simmering of meat and vegetables to the point of perfection.

Comfortably tucked away near the Katong area, Kwan Inn Vegetarian Restaurant is easily a dining paradise for all vegetarian foodies. Comprising of traditional local delights to a modern twist of age-old recipes, the restaurant is ready to satiate the taste buds of food enthusiasts. Bursting with rich history and flavourful recipes, our skilled culinary chefs will cook up a storm for you using the freshest, purest form of quality ingredients. With savoury dishes ranging from Pumpkin Brown Rice, Vegetarian Abalone with Shark Fin’s Soup to Beancurd with Mushroom and Snow Peas, our vegetarian delights will surely grant you a stunning dining experience, even leaving non-vegetarian diners craving for more! Vegetarian diet is fast gaining popularity worldwide and many are starting to hop on-board – come on down and join us today for a delicious vegetarian meal!

Located at Orchard Central, Som Tam is a purveyor of Modern Thai Fusion dining. Som Tam doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to conveying our food identity- We give Thai Food a new lease of Life. Our highly qualified chefs seek to serve both quality interpretations of classic dishes with a modern twist and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of Thai food. The layout and design of the restaurant also assimilate and insinuate creativity. The classy and relaxing ambience sets the mood to escape from one's busy schedule, whether you are here for business or leisure. Not convinced by our words? Come on down and let your discerning palate be the judge!

Strategically located at East Coast Parkway, Sentosa Cove and One Raffles Place, Gin Khao is a casual dining Thai restaurant that serves modern Thai Cuisine, specially fine tuned to suit the Locals’ palates with interpretations on authentic Thai Food such as Tom Yum Seafood Soup and Crayfish Served With Glass Noodles in Claypot. Not forgetting our modern reinvent Thai delicacies such as Prawn with Green Mango Relish Served with Rice Crackers, Mango Served with Black Sticky Rice and many more!  Special mention must also be given to our Signature Watermelon Fried Rice where we are the first and only restaurant in Singapore to offer this mouth watering Thai dish. Really living true to our brand’s tagline “ We Reinvent Thai Food”.


Where it all started. Our very first food court that was established in September 2010, located along Bugis street’s shopping haven. Our team of carefully selected food operators seeks to serve you the best of Asian (Korean, Hong Kong, Thailand and China) delicacies from around the region! Immerse yourself in the nostalgic ambience brought about by our unique architectural concept of the sixties food court