Managed Services

Micro 2000 has various subsidiaries with many different products and service offerings. Though diversified in our offerings, our advantage is that we are able to provide complementary services, which enhances our customers’ experiences.

After Sales Support

Micro 2000 Technology provides cost-effective and efficient after-sales network so as to allow our customers to focus more on process and improvements rather than on repairs. Our experience over the past decade has raised both our customer satisfaction rate and repair turnaround time, positioning us to be a critical part in providing after-sales support for our partners and clients.


To meet stringent key performance indicators such as turnaround time, we focus on execution and operational excellence with our strong pool of talent, ranging from back-end engineers to front-line customer service officers. Our staffs have to attend constant trainings to ensure that their skills sets remain relevant, so as to provide our customers with the best experiences. Our capabilities for support have extended from technology brands to white goods providers and we thrive in constantly changing conditions. In addition to our wide range of after-sales support, Micro 2000 is committed to ensuring that quality services are provided at the right cost, so as to adhere to the key performance metrics laid down by our clients in managing their after-sales services.


MNC Based Projects
Micro 2000 Technology has vast experience in providing solutions and manpower resources for MNC based projects. We provide cost-effective solutions for maximum operational efficiency with a team of highly qualified engineers who are skilled in various areas of IT infrastructure. They are able to provide the following services:


  • Performs pre-deployment staging and mass deployment of desktops, laptops, servers, printers and services

  • Outsourcing of qualified IT personnel

  • Provide and manage reverse logistics


Authorised Service Providers

Micro 2000 Technology Core Business team consists of experienced individuals who have managed after sales support centres for the last decade. Our centres are well equipped with the necessary facilities to provide customers with a positive experience. Our service staff are friendly and approachable and seek to provide the best customer service with a smile. Our centres are located in the heart of town and also on the fringes of the city centre for easy accessibility.


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+Serv Authorized Service Provider
With our vast experience in providing after sales support, +Serv is a multi-brand Authorised Service Provider (ASP) for MNCs in Singapore.