Bringing You An Effortless Tech Transition With NetSupport


Standing its stride since the late 1980s, NetSupport has been at the forefront of many innovative software developments as an endeavour to aid companies in enhancing their technological experiences in managing computers and its users. With a wide range of network tools that provides powerful enterprise management suite, the NetSupport range has evolved over the years, allowing its strong growth worldwide.


Though its headquarters are situated in the United Kingdom, don’t be surprised to see the software available globally; the computer program isn’t just distributed through many of its global channels. NetSupport goes one step further with its reseller program, allowing the distribution of the software via independent partners that extends further than their geographical reach in various parts of the world.


Started of with just two flagship products – NetSupport Manager Remote Control & PC Management Application and NetSupport School, Market’s Leading Classroom Management & Training Software Solution – the software proved to be widely successful, breathing in life to the thriving enterprise.


Today, NetSupport’s range has largely expanded. Currently there are six new promising software under its belt, namely the NetSupport DNA, NetSupport ServiceDesk, NetSupport Assist, NetSupport Protect, NetSupport 24-7 and NetSupport Notify, the latest range from NetSupport that runs on Windows, MacOS X, Linux, iOS and Android. Each of the software has its own operational functions, allowing you to combat various tasks concurrently.


NetSupport Manager: NetSupport Manager, PC Remote Control Software offers award winning functionality plus hardware/software inventory, remote desktop, remote file distribution, advanced security and secure remote access.


NetSupport School: The market leading classroom management solution which features full student remote control, application & internet monitoring and customised student testing. New features (Student Journal, Tech Console, Teacher assist and toolbar) makes teaching and learning become more interactive and productive.


NetSupport DNA: A Powerful enterprise management suite that offers full inventory, remote software distribution, application & Internet metering, reporting, remote helpdesk and remote control.


NetSupport ServiceDesk: Software helps you to effortlessly track, organise, manage and answer the toughest desktop support challenges.


NetSupport Assist: A focused classroom management software solution that ensures teachers have the necessary tools they need to monitor, engage and collaborate with their students.

NetSupport Protect: A next generation desktop lockdown and security solution to protect your systems, configuration and data.


NetSupport 24-7: Deliver instant "On Demand" remote support to your user anywhere in the world via any Internet connection.


NetSupport Notify: NetSupport Notify is a specially developed solution allowing instant and reliable delivery of notifications and alerts to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops from a Windows PC or Apple iOS device.


At Micro 2000, we understand the importance of effortless progression through the use of technological advances and this is where NetSupport fits perfectly in the puzzle.  With NetSupport’s constant growing capabilities, take advantage of its countless potentials today. To learn more about the software offered, click here!