Coporate Internship Programme


Micro 2000 conducts regular internship programs for students and young undergraduates from ITE, Polytechnics and local Universities in Singapore.


Each internship period ranges from ten weeks to six months, providing students with hands-on experience and relevant job skills to kick start their IT career. From cloning to provisioning, software and hardware troubleshooting, internship programs are tailored to better accomodate students’ requirements and learning skills.


To celebrate the completion of our recent internship program, Micro 2000 invited both students and lecturers from the various institutions of higher learning for an Appreciation Lunch on Saturday, 13th December 2014. This was held at Sakura Restaurant, SAFRA Tampines.


And to thank them for their efforts and hard work, each participant of the internship progam received a Certificate of Completion.


Micro 2000 also awarded Capital Land Vouchers and Best Performance Certificates for the top eight intern students that were nominated for displaying exceptional skills throughout their internship program.


Winners of Best Performance Awards

Testimonials from Students


“This internship programme has given me the opportunity to excel in different areas of profession to prove my abilities in the working industry. It has also taught me how to deal with difficult situations and builds the character that is required to be a leader. However, all these would not be possible without the staffs in the company. To all the staffs that has guided me along the way, thank you for making my internship journey a fruitful and memorable one.”


Lim Kim Chye - Temasek Polytechnic



"I had the opportunity to be attached to Micro 2000 during my last year in ITE. As an Intern, my role started off by provisioning new laptops, desktops and Macintosh units. I then moved on to sanitize these units, which was to conduct an internal clean up of the hardware components and data, before handling the handover process. These hands on experiences have allowed me to acquire critical thinking skills and communication abilities.


I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to all the Team Leaders who have rendered guidance throughout my internship programme."


Shankar S/O Chandersekaran - ITE College East


“This IAP has given me a good opportunity to experience a new working environment. Besides working here, I’ve also met friendly and helpful colleagues. I would like to thank my supervisor for her patience in teaching me new skills and guiding me for the past 10 weeks. It was really a good opportunity to be able to work under Micro 2000.


Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to Micro 2000 for giving me the chance to be able to work at HQ allowing me to gain new experience. The 10 weeks internship is definitely a fruitful journey with all the nice and friendly colleagues around. Thank you!”


Lim Jia Hao - ITE College East