Centralized Off-site Dishwashing


​Restaurants and other F&B establishments often have to spend large amounts of time, money and resource planning to get used dishes washed in time. Instead of unreliable washing on premises, off-site dishwashing collects used utensils and crockery from the location, and transports them to a dishwashing facility where these soiled dishes are cleaned in a quick and efficient way. The clean dishes are then delivered back to the F&B establishment, good as new and ready to be served.


We strive to provide F&B establishments owners and managers with quality bespoke offsite contract dishware cleaning solutions. Our spacious facility houses State of the Art, Continental, Flight-type, Multi-Tank Dishwashing Machines with Advanced Sanitization and Filter Systems. Helmed by seasoned veterans in the Services industry with a wealth of experience in operations and project management, your crockery (be it melamine (plastic) or porcelain wares) are in good hands under the able charge of our well-trained staff. 

Centralised Dishwashing Services


We are equipped with a 5,000 sq. ft. cleaning facility fitted with a number of automated machineries that has a wash speed of up to 20tubs/hour, easily allowing us to cater to your business needs. Our machineries are able to accommodate two types of tableware segmentations, namely plastic (melamine) and porcelain. We also provide delivery services to ensure that you'll always have a set of tableware clean and ready for use. Our centre is open 365 days/year so we can serve you anytime, any day. Click here for Video Demonstration