Software Customisation Or Software Configuration?

To tech-savvy folks, it may be easy to determine the difference between Software Customisation and Configuration but to those who are not well-versed in Information Technology (IT) or do not comprehend standard terms used, do you really know which is which, and which of the choices do you need for your business instead?


Before we delve deeper into this topic, first let’s review their variations. Customisation of software refers to the action of bringing current or existing features more accurately to the requirements/specifications that the user wants. Software configuration leans towards a different dynamic instead. The configuration process does not transform the software whatsoever; instead, configuration allows the access of using the software’s native tools to change its built-in features/options/dashboards.


Simply put, the difference between Customisation and Configuration boils down to this: Getting a suit tailored according to your measurements or buying a suit in-store and getting it altered after to match your needs. You may wonder, what’s the difference? In point of fact, the differences lay in the core of the software. At Micro 2000, we understand that software brimming with rich features will require forms of customisation before it can be effectively deployed for your business needs. By opting for Software Customisation, your company could be saving time and money instead.


With custom-built software, the software will generate an efficient system for the business as it can offer immense support for the specific needs of your company. Companies consider this a plus-point due to the fact that the unique and specific-entailed software may not even be available in stores. The benefits of software customisation also include more opportunities for easier adaptation to project requirements; this extend to ways data is stored, displayed, imported, exported as well as the kind and types of reports that could be generated, but most importantly, it helps to ensure a smoother implementation process.


If your company has troubles implementing the software into the business, you’re heading in the wrong direction. Software is meant to assist you with your needs, not go against. If your software isn’t working well or doing exactly what you need, then you may need to call in the IT experts. From .net, Java-based to Open-Source Software, Micro 2000 specialised engineers are capable of offering you the specific software needs that your business requires. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind software that solves all your needs without any hassle or waste of resources, the right answer for your business is Software Customisation