Explore a brand new side of Som Tam like never before! With the recent advancement of technology and innovative inventions produced, Som Tam has taken a leap forward by employing a new modern approach in F&B services. At Som Tam, we’ve learned and acknowledged the importance of e-Commerce in the market today and we have developed measures to implement such into our day-day-day operations. 


Tapping into the latest e-Commerce avenue, we are proud to announce that Som Tam has launched a brand new channel for new and returning customers who regularly frequent our eatery. By focusing on what our customers want and designing a platform that is not only user-friendly but also pleasing to the eyes, our experienced team has devised and constructed an e-Commerce platform for easy dining experiences.


With this platform, our customers can now pre-order their meals before they even step foot in our outlet! This approach is able to accommodate not only office crowds with their time-imposed lunch hour but also large crowds who wish to receive their orders fast and hassle-free! It doesn’t matter if you’re feeling a little lazy or fighting against time, the e-Commerce platform is free for all to use.


Launching of the e-Commerce platform signifies a big step towards digitisation for the outlet but the launch isn’t just merely for us, it was also in consideration of all our beloved patrons. We want to prioritise each and every customer that enjoys our Thai delicacies and with the new platform, we are now able to do exactly so. Any purchases made online will be prepared almost instantaneously so you can receive your orders hot and fresh within 15 minutes upon arrival at Som Tam, be it dine-ins or take-away!


If you’re running late or unsure of where to go, know that Som Tam will always have your back. If you’re looking to surprise your special someone or treat a large crowd to a delicious meal, know that all can be easily done right from your mobile phone! With just a few taps on your screen, we can now serve you like no other. Interested? Click here to find out more!