The latest craze in the F&B industry: the traditional Thai-style BBQ steamboat widely known as Moo Kata  (หมูกระทะ), has been taking Singapore by storm since the inception of the concept from Thailand a few years ago. To those unfamiliar, Moo Kata is a hearty meal served with a dome-shaped grill surrounded by an aromatic steamboat moat along with a variety of seasoned and marinated meat and vegetables for food enthusiasts to cook and consume. Strategically located in the heart of town, many can now sink their teeth in on our plethora of delectable piquant dishes without needing to travel afar for a go-to “aroi” (อร่อย)- delicious meal.

Talay Kata, the latest addition to the line-ups of restaurants in Jus Delish Group, is a new take on Thai food offerings by the group in an effort to expand and be more diverse in the market. Seeing the lack of specialties and a generic, lacklustre pattern formed at most Moo Kata restaurants around the island, this has made us more determined than ever to bring you a new titillating and lip-smacking experience. To preserve its authenticity and Thai identity, the wordplay between the Thai words – อาหารทะเล (Talay) and กระทะ (Kata) – this means ‘seafood’ and ‘skillet’ respectively, were used to birth the core of our 160 seater, 2,600 sq ft restaurant located on the 8th floor of Orchard Central in September 2016.

Making its debut in the F&B scene, an assorted choice of premium seafood such as Crayfish, Alaska King Crab, Slipper Lobsters, Japanese Scallops and Mud Crabs are readily available for you to indulge in. Not to be omitted, we are also spoiling our carnivorous guests with a selection of premium meat, such as the high-grade marbled Beef and “Kuro Buta” – premium pork from Japan (seasonal- subjected to availability). Grill your choice of seafood to an ideal shade of golden-brown and still maintain its juicy and smooth interior or simmer it scrupulously to perfection in our flavourful soup, the choice is yours to make! Place your food selection on the grill and listen to it sizzle and pop while you inhale the sweet aroma of the succulent meat being seared. Not to forget, a Thai meal is not complete without its array of peppy sauces ranging from garlicky to sweet & spicy; dip your food in our specially concocted sauces such as our “Nam Pla” – Thai fish sauce as you slather the seafood/meat pieces to add that extra touch of distinctive aromatic fragrance and let your taste buds erupt with pleasure as the flavours gushes through you.

 “Our positioning for each of the different brands under the Group is clear and distinct. In the case of Talay Kata, we are reaching out to the mass market – Offering a competitively priced, Thai buffet “kata” concept venue for people to dine in a comfy, relaxing ambiance at the Orchard area. It is perhaps noteworthy that we are one of the very few “Kata” concept restaurants in Orchard (only one other restaurant including us to be exact). We also offer more soup base varieties for our customers to choose from (Chicken soup, Tom Yum soup, Bonito soup and Salted Egg Soup) as opposed to the typical one soup base format adopted by other Moo Kata restaurants.  The soup base is intentionally made light in a bid to retain the freshness of the seafood and to help offer more dimension and flavours to the broth over time as the accompanying meat juices gradually trickle down into the moat. We also have seasonal seafood specials cater for our customers from time to time. Be it with families, friends, colleagues or relatives, if you are looking for a place to bond through Good Food- buffet style at an unbelievably attractive and affordable pricing, then there is no better place that fits the bill as aptly as Talay Kata.

There is nothing more satisfying than bringing in the freshest selection of crustaceans and aquatic vertebrates right to the plates of our customers and seeing their faces radiate with joy after each fulfilling bite.  If you’re one who constantly seeks for an immersive dining experience or an adventurous foodie pursuing the finest delicacy in life at the Right Price, Talay Kata has got you covered. ”

Ralph Liow, Managing Director Jus Delish Group