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At Micro 2000 Group Holdings, we focus on doing a few things well, taking small steps towards reaching a greater oriented goal. Our beliefs are deeply entrenched in the Chinese idiom “欲速则不达” which literally means “the more you hurry, the less progress you are likely to make”. To ensure a sturdy foundation, whilst working in line with our beliefs, years of prudent planning, gaining insights on regional food trends and strategic allocation were done before going forth with any expansion plans.

Customer Centric

Adopting a customer centric approach in all our endeavors

You, our customers, truly define who we are. Our offerings of exotic and exquisite oriental cuisines serve to bring about an invigorating sense to our customers, away from the dull and boring food landscape.


All our crew are professionally trained, so that the best possible dining experience could be brought to you. 

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More than just a memorable dining experience

Our chain of restaurants and eating houses are strategically located to enjoy Singapore's bustling city life at its fullest (Hougang, Sentosa Cove, 140 Corporation Drive, One Raffles Place, Sumang and more).


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Tastebud Eating House - where it all started. Our very first Food Court that was established in September 2010. Our team of carefully selected food operators seeks to serve you the best of Asian delicacies from around the region! Immerse yourself in the nostalgic ambience brought about by our unique architectural blend of the sixties food court with modern assimilation. 


Food Court


Hougang, Punggol, Jurong


Gin Khao is a casual dining Thai restaurant that serves modern Thai Cuisine, specially fine-tuned to suit the local palate with interpretations on authentic Thai Food and modern reinventions of Thai delicacies. Special mention must also be given to our Signature Watermelon Fried Rice, which we are the first and only restaurant in Singapore to offer.


Modern Thai, Sino-Thai


Raffles Place, Sentosa Cove


With a long and colourful history of more than 50 years, Hoe Nam (River South) Prawn Noodles is a household name for authentic, traditional heritage-flavored Prawn noodles. Starting from just a stall in the 1970s, Hoe Nam still serves its loyal customers at its original location at Tai Thong Crescent.


Prawn Noodles


Macpherson, Chinatown


Kwan Inn Vegetarian is easily a dining paradise for all vegetarian foodies. Both traditional local delights and a modern twist on age-old recipes are served. Our skilled culinary chefs use the freshest quality ingredients to leave even non-vegetarian diners craving for more!


Vegetarian diet is fast gaining popularity worldwide and many are starting to hop on-board.




Boon Lay, Bugis, Chinatown


Nestled at the old shop space over at 31 Tai Thong Cres that the renowned Hoe Nam Prawn Noodles once called home, Hoe Nam Bak Kut Teh endeavours to bring to the masses a brand-new interpretation of this age-old street fare. Hoe Nam Bak Kut Teh state claims to the grandiose mission of charting a new Local Bak Kut Teh trend that perfectly fuses both the Teochew and Hokkien Cooking style. The Freshest of ingredients are used in its preparation to further elevate the flavours, where the aromatic smell of the stew is believed to work up an appetite even before it is served!


Bak Kut Teh, Chinese



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