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Micro 2000 Technology

Customer Support Representative
After-Sales Support

Meet your KPI with quality services at the right cost

  • Meet stringent key performance indicators such as turnaround time

  • Focus on execution and operational excellence

  • Strong pool of talent, from back-end engineers to front-line customer service officers

  • Wide range of after-sales support: From technology brands to white goods providers

Image by Verne Ho
MNC-Based Projects

Maximize your operational efficiency

  • Pre-deployment staging and mass deployment of desktops, laptops, servers, printers, and services

  • Outsourcing of qualified IT personnel

  • Provide and manage reverse logistics

  • From schools to other large organizations

  • Call center services for all polytechnics in Singapore

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Man in Mobile Store
Authorized Service Provider

Give your customers the best experience without worry

  • Centres well-equipped with the necessary facilities to provide customers with a positive experience

  • Friendly and approachable service staff seek to provide the best customer service with a smile

  • Easily accessible service centres are located in the heart of town and also on the fringes of the city centre

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