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What it means to be a part of us

Code of Conduct

Doing the right things that bind us together

Business Certification

Honed Business Processes through Certification

Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility Policies

Whistle Blowing Policy

Make the right calls in good faith


Our positioning today as one of Singapore’s leading provider in quality and innovative IT solutions and services, is made possible by the dedication and positive contributions of our staff. As a company that grows with its staff, Micro 2000 always has our employees' interests at the forefront of our consideration. We have in place various schemes and benefits that seek to motivate our employees to drive growth, contribute ideas and impact changes. Delve deeper and understand what it means to be a part of us. 

High Fives


At Micro 2000, our people hold themselves to the highest standards of work ethics and code of conduct. We do not compromise on our ethical values and professional standards in delivering our service/solution offerings. This helps to ensure that an atmosphere of understanding, respect and professionalism is established during employment. Micro 2000's code of conduct guides the actions of our staff in doing what is right and helps in forging trusted relationships with our business partners.


Look into the certifications that support Micro 2000's emphasis on its operational efficiency, business quality and service excellence that have cemented the trust of its new and recurring customers in its ability and professionalism to fulfill projects' obligations.

Forest Trees


Micro 2000 understands that an organisation's progression is not determined solely by its business success but also by the positive role that it plays in community engagement and towards environmental sustainability. Being responsible corporate citizens, we make it a point to engage in best practices that reduce wastage of natural resources and energy that will minimize the impact to the environment. The Group is also an active supporter of meaningful charitable causes for the disabled and the elderly.


Staff can be at ease when making the right calls in good faith of any suspected misdeeds or improprieties by any employee of the Company or its subsidiaries. Our policies seek to encourage such ethical conducts whilst protecting the whistle blowers from reprisals. All cases reported are objectively investigated, with appropriate remedial measures being taken where warranted.


Employees and external parties may file a whistle blowing report to Micro 2000 either via Email or by Mail to the following address:


c/o Mail – Audit and Compliance Committee

Micro 2000 Group Holdings Pte Ltd

8 Loyang Way 4

Singapore 507604


To facilitate investigation, whistle blowers are strongly encouraged to provide their contact information.

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