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Micro 2000 Services (S)

From off-site centralized dishwashing to warehousing and logistics, we provide and customize the services and solutions for your business to improve productivity and efficiency.

Warehousing & Logistics

Manage your supply chain easily and efficiently.

  • Fleet of vehicles ranging from trucks to vans that provide delivery and collection services

  • 3 warehouses in Singapore

  • Total floor area of 25,000 sq. ft. accommodates various types of goods and materials

  • Linked to our ERP system, which tracks the orders and inventories

  • Integrated with our finance and CRM system: provide a holistic view of the whole supply chain management

Off-site Centralized Dishwashing

​Have peace of mind without having to get your hands dirty

  • 5,000 sq. ft. cleaning facility 

  • Automated machineries that has a wash speed of up to 20tubs/hour, easily allowing us to cater to your business needs

  • Able to accommodate two types of tableware segmentations, namely plastic (melamine) and porcelain

  • Always have a set of tableware clean and ready for use: Delivery services also provided

  • Open 365 days/year so we can serve you anytime, any day

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