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CSR 2023: Blessing Others As We Grow

As we continue to grow as a company, how can we give back that growth to the community?

That is one of the key questions that we ask ourselves, even as Micro 2000 continues to explore many different industries and businesses.

Micro 2000 manages its own range of food & beverage brands, from Thai restaurants to hawker stalls on the pulse of the heartlands. This means we have a deep understanding of what’s happening on the ground: Inflation of food prices, as costs of food ingredients and many other items go up.

While this may just mean tightening our belts for the majority of us, the same cannot be said for those struggling to make ends meet. Statistically, the share of population in Singapore who earns less than $6.85 per day is forecast to amount to 41.59% in 2023 (Statista, 2023). That’s almost half of the people living here, who cannot afford a good meal all the time.

With such issues close to our hearts, the staff at Micro 2000 came together to participate in Filos’ Waves of Blessing volunteer event on 7 October 2023.

For this, the company sponsored the purchase of rations and essential items for beneficiaries living in government rental flats in the Chai Chee area.

We then worked together as a team to pack these items into individual bags, each containing a portion of the rations and items. While the quantity would not replace a full month’s worth of food and essentials, we hoped to provide some support for the beneficiaries’ daily living expenses.

Finally, the bags were ready for distribution to the 175 rental units around the area. We worked in teams to distribute them and chat with some of the residents at the same time.

This experience was definitely eye-opening and meaningful for all of us. It gave us perspective into what we stand for and an opportunity to connect with the less fortunate among us. As we forge ahead in our F&B efforts, we at Micro 2000 will continue to keep sustainability and our social responsibility in mind.


Statista. “Economic Inequality - Singapore: Statista Market Forecast.” Statista, 2023,

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