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Gin Khao Made Its Mark with Distinctive Dishes at Pets Picnic Party 2016

Gathered on the spacious green field of Sentosa Cove, hundreds of people and pooches were seen relishing in the picnic hype while basking on their makeshift mats underneath the cloudy skies. Despite the light shower ahead of the afternoon event, the gloomy weather did not hamper the spirits of many as guests were still seen flocking to the field to secure the best spots for the picnic party.

The annual event was held on 4th June in the South of Singapore this year, where many party-goers were seen mingling around and participating in social events and competitions until nightfall. Dubbed the largest outdoor picnic party for pets, canines of all shapes and sizes were brought into the limelight by their owners through various activities with the objective to celebrate the unique bond between both humans and animals.

Gin Khao appreciates and commends the effort invested to make this annual event (few of such scale and genre in Singapore context) a success, thus making the decision to hop on the bandwagon and join in the festivity by bringing the guests at the picnic a taste of Thailand. Gin Khao’s tagline is “We Reinvent Thai Food” and so our gearing with the Pets Picnic Party is pretty much aligned – offering something different to the Locals and that’s why it did not take us long to commit to be their Food sponsor. To truly capture the essence of Thai food, Gin Khao’s kitchen has prepared numerous authentic Thai food, namely the Paw Pia Tod (Deep Fried Prawn Spring Rolls w/ Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce), Gai Tod Had Yai (Deep Fried Chicken in Had Yai Style) and our in-house specialty, Khao Phat Dtaeng Moe (Gin Khao’s Special Watermelon Fried Rice) for all to revel in. These dishes were specially selected for the event to showcase the authenticity and allure of our Thai delicacies to a new crowd.

Clad in a blue polo tee, Royston, the Marketing Executive of Gin Khao, was also present at the event to ensure the smooth sailing of food distribution to the particpants. Royston shared that seeing the participants happily digging in, and enjoying the conscientiously prepared Thai food really pleased the Gin Khao Team. Our offerings were well-accepted by the crowd as many were seen heartily guzzling down the food.

All in all, it was an amazing fun-filled day where one can enjoy the company of many furry companions and other earnest owners as well as participate in one of the many intriguing activities and savour scrumptious Thai dishes sponsored by Gin Khao. To those who’ve missed out the fun this year, do not fret as all guests and pooches can expect great company, delicious food and drinks, fun-filled activities and wonderful live music again at the next Pets Picnic Party! But in the meantime if you are looking for some good food, you do not need to wait! Our Gin Khao’s outlets are opened 7 days a week, where our wide selections of delectable Thai offerings are ready to be served in a moment’s notice. So drop by Gin Khao Today!

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