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Jus Delish Group Pte Ltd Announces Joint Venture with Nine F&B Pte Ltd

Porn’s Sexy Thai Food Just Gotten a Tad Sexier - Jus Delish Group Pte Ltd Announces Joint Venture with Nine F&B Pte Ltd

30th November 2016 – Jus Delish Group and Nine F&B Pte Ltd today announced a broad partnership that will see the two entities deepening commercial cooperation on a joint venture basis. This tie up further cements Jus Delish’s positioning in the Local Thai Food scene with the addition of an established celebrity brand to its extensive portfolio of Thai-themed restaurants/brands, while significantly expanding Nine F&B’s outreach in Singapore (brand’s association), with a view to potentially venture into other regional markets in the near future. The new partnership is expected to spark innovation and enhance operational capabilities and productivity, pooling on the talents and resources at both companies, while driving scale and efficiency in the partners' respective operating framework.

The partnership is a strong strategic fit; leveraging on the two companies’ respective strengths, across several functional areas:

  1. Accelerate and extend the bandwidth and outreach of the brands under both entities.

  2. Allow the offering of joint promotions, aligning corporate initiatives to strengthen the proposition to customers.

  3. Effective streamlining of operations, through the assimilation and adoption of new technologies and automation, in step with ongoing developments.

  4. Consolidate decision making with strong back end team handling areas like accounts, compliance, marketing, negotiation and recruitment (HR and Payroll matters).

  5. Offer customers with broader access, more choices, dedicated services, coupled with enhanced customer experiences.

In the joint venture, Jus Delish Group will inject capital and take over the managing rights of Porn’s Sexy Thai Food, while Nine F&B will contribute certain assets and resources, with Mr Pornsak himself, assuming an ambassador role. During and after the transition from independent operations to the joint venture, customers will continue to experience continuity of service and will be able to indulge in even more of the mouth watering Thai dishes that they have been accustomed to having over at Porn’s.

“By working together with Jus Delish Group, Nine F&B is confident that we’ll have the winning combination to better meet the changing and growing demands of our customers than would be possible through either company’s individual efforts. Jus Delish’s role in providing a cohesive and systematic operating framework will help to realign and spearhead Porn’s expansion drive, building on Jus Delish strong back-end capabilities and business foundation. Porn’s portrays a loud, cheeky, engaging, flamboyant, fun and energetic vibe, where change is a constant and the relentless innovative pursuits of Jus Delish Group, such as their centralised dish cleaning and centralized kitchen initiatives, which boasts of over 20 plus locations mixture of restaurants and stalls under their portfolio, allowing economic of scale to be achieved, with a view to streamline operations, is what prompted us to agree to the joint venture. We sincerely believe that Jus Delish Group is the perfect partner to help us fully realize and see to the deliverance of our vision to that end” said co-founder and director of Nine F&B Pte Ltd, Mr Foo Tuan How.

Ralph Liow, Managing Director of Jus Delish Group, said, “The strategic partnership with Nine F&B presents an opportunity for Jus Delish Group to significantly expand our brand presence in Singapore, our primary operating market, and extend it to other countries in the region over time. Made possible as Mr Pornsak (ambassador) and Porn’s have a large fan and customer base in the regional markets. We are very pleased to have reached agreement for this extensive partnership with Nine F&B as we focus our combined energies in bringing about significant benefits to consumers through enhanced connections, services and renewed customer focus. With the inclusion of Porn’s, Jus Delish Group will now have a total of 10 restaurant outlets strategically located island wide under 5 different brands, a classic example of how partnerships operate in the best interests of all our customers, in terms of choice and accessibility. We have a clear road map on where we will like to be 3 years down the road. It is a great honour to have Nine F&B onboard and we expect much synergies to be reaped in furthering our shared objective of growth and expansion. Food is a people business and both Jus Delish Group and Nine F&B are all passionate about delivering the most holistic dining experience for our customers. We are excited about the endless possibilities and opportunities that this partnership will bring about.”

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