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Jus Delish Group - Singapore Successful Brand 2015

Jus Delish Group, the managing Food and Beverages (F&B) arm of Micro 2000 Group Holdings, has joined the ranks of many established local/international brands with the conferment of the Singapore Successful Brand Award 2015.

As an organization that progresses with the times, over the years, Jus Delish Group has been actively looking for ways to increase the prominence of our branding and gaining awareness in the markets and communities that we operate in. From the small fame gained from our humble beginnings as a Food court operator (Tastebud) along the shopping haven of Bugis Street in 2010, which has now become a household name in Singapore, we have moved on to deepen our quality Food offerings channels/platforms with the establishment of Gin Khao, a Modern Thai Cuisine Restaurant and more recently, Som Tam, a Thai Fusion Restaurant. These Thai concept-based restaurants have already achieved raving online reviews and market outreach (blogs, Google, Facebook, various publications) within a relatively short period of time. The Singapore Successful Brand Award 2015 serves to bolster and elevate our positioning in the F&B industry and is a large stride towards achieving our vision of being recognized as the region’s undisputed leader in the deliverance of unparalleled dining experiences.

Singapore Successful Brand Award recognizes exceptional achievements of organizations/businesses that have distinguished themselves through brand goodwill and have created value for customers and contributed to the economy and the community at large, with a particular emphasis on their track record and dedication in expanding their branding as well as the quality of products and services to their clientele base. The assessors are made up of an independent panel of 30 distinguished advisors who are well recognized in their respective field of work. For the F&B industry, being accredited by Celebrity Chef, Eric Teo, who is one of the judges and is the President for the Singapore Chefs Association, speaks volumes about Jus Delish Group’s Food Quality and Offerings.

Jus Delish Group has achieved an “EXCELLENT” rating in its final round of assessment and has been awarded on the following basis:

  1. Strong understanding of market and adaptability to market changes

  2. Strong branding for current and future plans

  3. Vast experience in management level

  4. Excellence in product and service quality

“The message is getting clearer with each passing day; that our Food offerings and service quality have what it takes to survive in the highly competitive F&B industry. The Singapore Successful Brand Award will act as leverage for us to continue with our relentless pursuit for Food and Service Quality Excellence. All these are made possible with our strong Front End (e.g outlet managers) and Management Team comprising of seasoned veterans who have years of experience in the F&B field. We will not be complacent and will constantly seek to improve in all aspects of our offerings, with the ultimate goal of making all the brand names under Jus Delish Group to be Signature household brandings. We are here to stay and we intend to do it with a bang.”

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