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Opening of Gin Khao One Raffles Place 

If you are looking for a place in the city to wind down, away from the bustling city life, while having the luxury to enjoy your meal in comfort, Gin Khao One Raffles Place will be your ideal new dining hangout. This “sanctuary”, strategically located on the 4th floor (right above Raffles Place Mrt), is the fresh-faced new player to join the fray of casual dining establishments in the area.

After weeks of renovation, Jus Delsih Group has unveiled the latest addition to their popular Thai Restaurant Chain, Gin Khao, in the CBD belt, with an expanded menu, this February. The elegant 65-seater checks all the boxes for destination dining, from its minimalistic, bright and aesthetic interior to the inundating aromatic smell of Thai food and herbs that seems to permeate every inch of the 1,200sqft outlet.

Gin Khao’s trademarks are on show in this new outlet, such as the use of top quality Thai ingredients/herbs and the deft balance of flavours and textures attained on its interpretations of authentic Thai Food such as Tom Yum Seafood Soup, Pan-Seared Squids Coated in Savory Salted Egg Cream and Crayfish Served With Glass Noodles in Claypot and its modern reinvent Thai offerings such as Watermelon Fried Rice, Prawn with Green Mango Relish Served with Rice Crackers, Mango Served with Black Sticky Rice and many more!

Feeling a little peckish but not up for a full meal? Gin Khao One Raffles Place offers takeaway specials like cakes, salads that are bound to satiate for the occasional sinful individual indulgence.

“For all those avid Gin Khao fans out there, you should have realized by now that each and every Gin Khao outlet has its own distinctive elements. In the case of Gin Khao Sentosa Cove, there is the bar concept for people to unwind over a glass of beer/wine while enjoying our wide selections of Thai delicacies and in the case of Gin Khao One Raffles Place, we cater express takeaway specifically for the working professionals as we understand that setting time aside for having a meal is a luxury to many of these professionals.

We are trying to instill a Group wide mantra of “Understand who you are serving”, while also raising our game to help drive creativity and growth. In the highly competitive F&B arena, continual innovations on your offerings is what resonate with customers and help earn you a differentiating edge over your competitors. Innovative, quality Thai Food at affordable prices is what we bring to the table. So if you are in the City area and are in the mood for some quick and good bites, don’t forget to drop by Gin Khao One Raffles Place.

Something “Big” is also in the cards for Jus Delish Group, maintaining the status quo is simply not our style. As to what is brewing, lets keep it under our hat for now.”

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