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Tastebud Eating House Now At 3 Locations & Som Tam Express + Mookata

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Tastebud Eating House is now open at three locations across Singapore: 218 Sumang Walk, 932 Hougang Avenue 9, and 140 Corporation Drive.

All three are in the heartlands, where the Housing Development Board (HDB) has awarded Tastebud the tenders.

Instead of simply going to the highest bidder, a few different factors made Tastebud the best-suited tenderer. Not only are our food and beverage sold at competitive prices, but the management is competent and quality assurance measures put in place. Based on these characteristics and more, we are pleased to announce that Tastebud won, and is currently operating, three separate tenders.

Utilizing our strong advantage in technology, we implemented improvements to the way food is ordered and served at Tastebud stalls. Online ordering is now available for all stalls through the Tastebud platform. Customers within the area can order for self-collection or dine-in, specifying the time slot that they will arrive.

One way that we ensure a high quality standard is through a central kitchen supplying prepared food ingredients. With a central kitchen, a considerable part of the cooking process is no longer dependent on the chef’s condition of the day, nor time-consuming. This allows residents to receive their food faster and with an assured standard.

Another is in the quality of stalls themselves. Som Tam, originally a Thai fusion food restaurant, has now opened Express stalls also serving Mookata, in two of Tastebud’s outlets. Located in Hougang and Jurong, the Som Tam Express + Mookata stalls are a runaway hit with residents.

Attractive promotions sweeten the deal, such as the current $1.99 set price on all Mookata meat trays. Students and NSF also get an extra 20% off during specific times. Meanwhile, the online ordering system has made it possible for stalls to offer exclusive online promotions, which garnered much interest.

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