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After Sales Support Explained

When you purchase a brand new gadget or Tech toys for yourself or your loved ones, do you really check out its available warranty status or the After Sales Support that comes with your purchase? Do you even know that some of your purchases actually do come with After Sales Support? If you are not sure, we highly advise you to do so! But before you do that, let’s learn more of what is After Sales Support and how does it benefit you.

After Sales Support is exactly what it says in its name, it is the provision of support to you after the completion of the sales/your purchase. Most available After Sales Support involves a guarantee by the company, limited/full warranty or any available upgrades/assistance in service centres. The support is not limited to just those listed; there are more services and help available for you to fully enjoy your purchase.

Now that you know what After Sales Support is and what it encompasses under its umbrella-like support, it is time to understand the benefits that you’re missing out from overlooking or not understanding what After Sales Support truly offers. The support offered is designed specifically to aid consumers to properly adjust and use their products correctly, which would in turn generate a stream of repeat customers, and that will then lead to the development of customer loyalty and ensuring a positive number of customer satisfaction.

At Micro 2000, we utilise our intimate knowledge and experience, enabling us to enhance our customers’ After Sales Support experiences by providing them only quality levels of support - from the simplicity of Level 1 parts exchange, to the more complex Level 4 works involving component replacement. We understand the importance of maintaining customers satisfaction, we have structured a proper system to ensure a positive experience from start to finish.

Micro 2000 understands the fundamental values of After Sales Support and hence, we offer a 1-stop-solution; from Front End Experience, Honed Repair Process, Tracking and Reporting, equipped with Highly Qualified Team to Reverse Logistics, We are here to help ensure that your customers stay happy, as we understand the importance of service quality in the preservation of your brand value in today’s highly competitive market.

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