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Micro 2000 has various subsidiaries with many different products and service offerings. Though diversified in our offerings, our advantage is that we are able to provide complementary services, which enhances our customers’ experiences.

TresLoveChic, the embodiment of all things elegant. Started in early 2012 with the aim of providing fashionable casual wear to chic outfits for young adults, we have come a long way since opening our digital doors for business. Today, TresLoveChic has blossomed exponentially into a one-stop destination for adults of all ages as their express solution to the latest contemporary, stylish trends in the fashion industry.

Grown from a thought, into cultivation of ideas, to the hot pursuit of passion, the thrill of seeing the latest fashion trends and refreshing new designs as well as the sense of satisfaction given by happy customers was what kept us pursuing this strong interest at TresLoveChic. With outfits ranging from Versatile Casual wear, Fashionable Corporate pieces to Chic Party dresses, you, our customers, are able to enjoy an extensive collection of the latest ‘in-trend’ during all seasons.

At TresLoveChic, we aim to deliver unique and timeless pieces to all of our customers. With plans to expand our retail and online presence and further expansion into other parts of Asia, starting with Malaysia, you can expect more exciting releases coming your way soon!

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