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M2Services Announces Its Launch Of Centralised Dishwashing Services.

With the current rise in demand of automated services (e.g. transportation & gaming services) there is no surprise that it is only a matter of time before the demand in different industries followed suit. With the local government’s encouragement to pursue this avenue, M2Services has established its platform to offer centralised dishwashing services to businesses that requires services as such in Singapore.

The centre officially opened its doors for operations in November this year. All the dishwashing automations are streamlined in a 5,000 square feet cleaning facility located in the north with capability to accommodate a much larger cleaning output as the business grows, affording the ease of both movement and transportation throughout the island. At M2Services, the management believes that there is a definite demand for such cleaning services and has constructed strategies that separate themselves from the other dishwashing services offered.

To initiate the start of a new operation, the company has brought in brand new machines to be equipped in the factory so as to impede any machinery faults or errors. In the case of an equipment failure, M2Services has also employed an experienced local engineering team to tend to any contingencies that may occur immediately. Not only that, M2Services, who has been in operations for many years, has the experience and knowledge to better tailor the packages according to the needs of the customers in order to prevent any form of offense.

Bobby, the person in charge of the operations, said that the government has been emphasizing on the need for companies/operator of all sizes to innovate and to work on enhancing their productivity so as to survive in the current operating landscape. He added, “It is increasingly difficult to find manpower for such labour intensive jobs as the locals shunned such openings. We are responding to the government’s call by providing restaurants, coffeeshops, foodcourts and stall owners an alternative platform for their operations – through the use of our high-tech cleaning machines to tend to their utensils washing needs.”

With comprehensive service offerings and a notable history, this is just the very first step for M2Services and setting up of more cleaning facilities is definitely in the cards if business is brisk. Not only that, the management is also looking to explore on possible ways to provide more complementary services to further establish its positioning as an end-to-end turnkey solution/service provider.

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