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Micro 2000 Technologies Asia's Amalgamation with Topaz Solutions

Over the past few months, Micro2000 Technologies Asia has been looking into the sustainability and perquisites of an amalgam. Today, the enterprise and TopAZ Solutions are pleased to announce the amalgamation of their operations in Q4 of 2016. The entities are ready to consolidate their businesses together with effect on 1st October for greater endeavours in the future.

Do allow us to share a little on the background of these two companies. An established Information Technology company, Micro2000 Technologies Asia adopts a customer centric approach in its various undertakings, with years of proven track record in providing bespoke services, products and turnkey solutions. Micro 2000 Technologies Asia has deep proficiency in areas such as IT consulting, infrastructure, software customisation and in providing hardware and software tools to help companies get to where they need to be in this digital age. TopAZ Solutions has been in the software industry with over a decade’s worth of experience under its belt. An expert distribution company armed with a wide range of software packages (sole/value added distributor rights), TopAZ has worked with numerous schools, MNCs, and government clients, with a credible reputation being built up over the years. Not only do they provide IT services and consultancy in hardware & software, TopAZ also offers services in backup & migration of computers & servers.

There are many reasons why companies turn to amalgamation: unlimited access to new technologies and a wider coverage of new clients, to name a few. After much deliberation, the board of directors reached a consensus that it is time to amalgamate TopAZ Solutions with Micro 2000 Technologies Asia in a bid to stay lean by streamlining the group’s operations as both companies offer somewhat similar products/services. Being the parent company with a longer operating history – 20 years and counting – Micro2000 will take in TopAZ under its wings. This move also has some branding implications, where moving forward, customers will be better able to identify and not be confused that all identical IT products/services originated from Micro 2000. The merged businesses will undeniably ensure the continuity of high quality services and performances as a unified entity.

Better together, the businesses are fully committed to setting a new standard for serving your future needs, along with the offerings of more innovative products and services, broader access, more choices, dedicated services, while not forgetting the exceptional customer experiences in all aspects of business dealings under the new combined entity. We will be the exclusive source for all the hardware and software tools that customers need to make their workplace/operations more productive and efficient. Both Micro2000 and TopAZ are excited about the endless possibilities and opportunities that this partnership will bring about.

“This amalgamation proposal is definitely a game-changing experience for both our companies. By joining forces, we are able to bring not just our A game onto the field but also help in enhancing the experiences of businesses requiring our IT services/products/solutions. This is the first of many steps in the right direction for Micro 2000 to stay relevant in the highly combustible IT industry. Adaptability will be one of the key aspects of our gearing moving forward.”

Micro 2000’s Marketing Tea

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