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NetSuite For Your Business

Cloud-computing has gained a wide recognition and demand, as well as a large fan-following since its early day of release in the Tech world. With its ease and convenience, programmers and creators from around the world took the rising creation’s ideology and has developed a wide selection of functional software to assist users in their day-to-day job. This includes functionalities such as the management of business’ finances, resources planning, and customer’s relationships.

In the events leading up to its development, which has aligned the stars of great minds, the creation of NetSuite was developed in the late 1990s. Today, decades since its introduction to the mass market, NetSuite is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based business management software. The software contains many impressive functions; with the ability to manage a company’s core business operations with just a single, unified system that covers important services such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management and many more.

The existence of NetSuite and its integrated cloud-based solutions, the comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, grants your business the ability to grow and expand effortlessly. Businesses from different points of the globe has been lauding NetSuite since its release for its ingenious functions. Rather than spending large sums for multiple software that runs differently, businesses have been able to not only save costs but cut down on wasted hours to learn each individual software, one at a time. The ERP system takes you a step further from traditional and conservative methods to providing you a consolidation of your back-office processes and allowing you to efficiently view and manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Which is why today, Micro 2000 offers the very software that businesses worldwide go for. At Micro 2000, enjoy services such as Point of Sale (POS), e-Commerce and Customised Integrated Platform to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

With the POS system, you can enjoy the following:

  • Save and view all your sales & orders with a panoramic view of the system

  • Easily manoeuvre and extend your sales & services with mobile POS

  • Multiple security precautions to reduce fraud cases

  • Expeditious transactions with integrated payment solutions

  • User-friendly with touch-screen interface for increased productivity

  • 360-degree view of POS system for a touch of personalised service

The operative POS solution is flexible and customisable to suit the demands of your business needs, hence making it easier to deliver a seamless and accessible platform for both your internal and external stakeholders.

Enjoy the following with the E-Commerce system:

  • Utilise your current operational business systems and tie-in E-Commerce straight to a single cloud-based platform

  • Personalise consumer’s shopping experiences across all relevant channels

  • Maintain full creative control on your personalised webpage while delivering your brand consistently

  • Optimised and responsive E-Commerce experience on any devices

  • Not limited to just one area, expand your business online by selling your products/services through multiple channels, languages and currencies on just a single E-Commerce platform

  • Regardless of customers, the E-Commerce platform can serve both B2B and B2C

With the ability to integrate the engaging POS system together with E-Commerce, the ultimate shopping experience for your customers is no longer just a pipe dream.

Enjoy the following with a customised integrated platform:

  • capability to manage your employee centre with modules such as payroll, e-Claim, e-Leave, online bulletin

  • revamp the entire backend of your management such as its inventory and wholesale distribution for better visibility and enhanced productivity

Swiftly personalise and leave your competitors behind with an experience that will constantly exceed both you and your customers’ expectations.

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