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New JD Central Kitchen with dishwashing services at 15 Woodlands Loop

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Since opening a central kitchen at 10 Raeburn Park, JD Central Kitchen (JDCK) has moved to 15 Woodlands Drive. Taking up two units, it not only provides food and beverage import and preparation, but has also expanded to include central dishwashing services.

JD Central Kitchen occupies a unique role in our F&B operations. Processing of ingredients and sauces maximises consistency, as restaurants and food stalls alike can rely on JDCK’s one-time bulk preparation and use them in smaller quantities as required. Furthermore, different outlets of the same brand receive the same ingredients, processed in the same way. This is how we maintain the same quality of food regardless of where it is served.

As a central kitchen, JDCK is better able to import ingredients such as pork in large quantities, at lower cost, which individual restaurants and outlets would struggle with storing and finishing. These cost savings are then passed on to the different brand operations.

One prominent example is our signature fresh frozen seabass. Many of our brands are then able to capitalize on this, incorporating it into dishes ranging from Thai-style deep fried seabass, to Western seabass filet fish and chips.

Besides food preparation, JDCK also does healthy local herbal drinks. From chrysanthemum tea to Thai tamarind tea, the Central Kitchen makes and packages these no-preservatives drinks from only fresh ingredients. Dining establishments like foodcourts and hawker centres order in the thousands monthly, including Tastebud Eating House. For that, drinks are packaged with the Tastebud logo printed on each cup and seal. This process can be repeated for any commercial customer, such that branded healthy drinks are made possible.

Given the large number of drinks to be processed, JD Central Kitchen pursued efficiency to increase output volume. With an automated drink packaging machine, the number of cups that can be made in an hour rose exponentially. From just a few hundred cups, done almost entirely by hand, the machine now enables JDCK to produce a thousand cups an hour.

Finally, JD Central Kitchen makes use of its established food delivery system to also deliver all plates and cutlery for dishwashing. State-of-the-art technology enables JDCK to clean large volumes of plates at once. Instead of having to dedicate resources to washing dishes at each location, the JDCK central dishwashing system frees up restaurants and food stalls alike to focus on the food they serve.

Through expanding its capabilities and a constant focus on quality, JD Central Kitchen is well-situated and well-equipped to become a one-stop solution, for a wide range of companies in the food & beverage industry.

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