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+Serv Experience Centre @ 313 Somerset

The +Serv branding is gaining prominence in the region and this is accentuated by the official opening of +Serv @ 313 Somerset in September 2015. The spacious 1,736 square feet outlet was given a facelift so that it could accommodate more walk-in customers. “We want our customers to have a whole new form of experience when they step into our service centre; everything from the lightings, furniture, fittings, layout and positioning of the ASUS gadgets was contemplated with the aim of achieving the “experience” factor that we want our walk-in customers to perceive.”

The reason why the +Serv 313 Experience Centre has been the focal point of attraction just days into its opening, is that this particular service centre also feature a concept area where the look and feel of the latest range of ASUS products from phones, tablets, desktops, laptops to related peripherals/accessories like the ASUS Zenpower could be experienced by ASUS fans and fellow enthusiasts. If something caught one’s eyes and they can’t wait to be the proud owners of these products, they just simply need to approach one of our friendly staff to proceed with the purchase on the spot.

“We chose to locate our +Serv service centre @ 313 Somerset in the heart of town because we believed that we would be able to reach out to more ASUS’s users if the service centre is easily accessible, being just minutes away from the MRT station.

Always endeavouring to service with a plus, our service crews have been constantly sent for refresher and training courses so as to ensure that their skill sets remain relevant and they are able to perform to the best of their abilities. Coupled with our years of experience and expertise in managing After Sales Support Centres, we are confident that all of our ASUS’s walk-in customers will have a memorable service experience, where their service needs/concerns are promptly and appropriately addressed.

Nevertheless, we will not be complacent and will continue working on ways to further enhance our walk-in customers’ service experiences.”

Marketing Team, Micro 2000 Group

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