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Singapore 1000 - Featured in National Ranking Body Annual Publication "SOAR"

We are proud to inform that Singapore’s leading credit reference agency, DP Information Group, a part of LSE-listed Experian, the world largest credit reference agency, has featured Micro 2000 Holdings Pte Ltd in its annual publication “SOAR”. In this exclusive annual publication, DP info utilizes its vast experience in publishing Singapore’s top 1000 corporations related legacies through various national media platforms such as Channel News Asia, supplements in Business Times and Coffee Table Books, to exemplify 50 exceptional companies and the success stories of the key decision makers of these corporations that have make their way into the Singapore 1000 2015 ranking with their stellar financial and operational performances. Under the able leadership of Mr Brandon Ng at the helm, Micro 2000 has earned its rights into this 2015 special feature, which helps to bring visibility and recognition to 50 selected business leaders of Singapore 1000 Ranked companies, that have contributed to Singapore’s economy; incidentally, further cementing Micro 2000’s unwavering position as one of the industry leaders in the Information and Communications Technology field in the region.

On the company level, Micro 2000 was selected on the following basis:

a) Credit Rated “Investment Grade” (DP 1 to 4) companies in the 2015 Rankings of the Singapore 1000 listing.

b) Featured leaders are of Singapore 1000 ranked companies listed in the 2015 rankings.

c) The company concerned has overseas turnover with a strong regional focus.

d) The company has proven that it is able to adapt and progress with the times, demonstrating extraordinary transformative qualities.

e) Aside from the rankings, the company has an additional “X factor” – e.g. excellence in green initiative, innovative business ideas/propositions.

On the key personnel level, Mr Ng was handpicked to be featured on “SOAR” for the following reasons:

a) Constantly striving for excellence with his unique business ideas to keep Singapore prominent and relevant in the global business arena.

b) Wealth of experience that steered Micro 2000 to achieve stellar financial performance over the years.

c) Portray applaudable attributes such as perseverance, determination, devotion and passion that has blossomed Micro 2000 into the investible company it is today.

d) Looked upon by budding entrepreneurs as the epitome of success in the business sphere with his great foresight and indefatigable entrepreneurial spirit and helps create mindshare on key factors in building a scalable and successful organization.

e) Show substantial promise of future contributions to Singapore and demonstrate a high level of professionalism in his leadership.

The SOAR publication will feature Mr Ng’s working and management style, the company’s culture and processes, Micro 2000’s journey from the very beginning, the challenges it has overcome to become the successful organization that it is today, what spurred Micro 2000 to venture overseas, how Micro 2000 cope with competition both locally and regionally and how it source for new opportunities in today’s markets. The circulation of SOAR will see footprints across local government agencies, trade embassies, DP Info’s Singapore 1000 community, the local media, DP Info’s trade partners located overseas, IE Singapore international offices as well as the Prime Minister’s office. This presents a great avenue for Micro 2000 to gain widespread prominence on our bespoke quality services and solutions offerings and we are privileged to be granted this opportunity to share what we have to offer with government agencies and companies both locally and internationally.

Mr Ng is humbled that Micro 2000 is ranked alongside 1000 of Singapore’s best corporations by such a prestigious ranking body as an investible Company and attribute all the success that the company has attained to the hard work and contributions of all his employees.

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