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StaffCop - The Corporate Security Monitoring Software That Everyone Needs

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Employees with malicious intents or passivity during work hours cost businesses worldwide large amounts of losses each year and each case is usually largely unaccounted for. To combat any unnecessary troubles, Atom Security, Inc., the masterminds behind StaffCop, continuously strives hard to fight unneeded incompetency and security flaws.

StaffCop – the ultimate security program that many employers will appreciate while employees despise its existence. Universally established as an easy to use corporate security monitoring software, jump straight into action as StaffCop also offers a step-by-step installation guide to get you started.

With StaffCop, enjoy the ease of monitoring your employees’ activities on company workstations while at work to prevent any unauthorised distribution of sensitive information. Not limited to just basic versions of the software, users can choose between Standard and Enterprise edition offered.

StaffCop Standard, which features a myriad of handy features such as Internet & Network, Local Events, File Operations, as well as Master of Detailed Reports, allows you to perform tasks such as email monitoring, keystrokes logging, screenshot recording and many more. Prevent any possible ‘Edward Snowden’ incidents with

Offering the same features as Standard edition, the Enterprise edition gets to boast a little with additional features that can do more than just monitoring and blocking activities. With the Enterprise series, enjoy more in-depth services such as Employee Time & Tracking, Insider Threat Detection, Identifying Loyalty Issues and Investigation of Information Security Incidents, allowing better awareness and comprehensive supervision over your company’s affairs.

Now you can purchase this efficient software to protect your company’s interest without needing to travel or order from afar. One of StaffCop’s official distributors, Micro2000 Technology offers both StaffCop Standard and Enterprise so you can truly protect your company against any vulnerability. To learn more about StaffCop, please click here.

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