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How Well Do You Know Your Business' Hardware?

Have you been maintaining or protecting your company’s maintenance to ensure a smooth sail all year round? Did you know, many individuals, spread across various industries do not actually understand the importance of Hardware Maintenance or the unnecessary costs/time that they have been racking up from hardware negligence?

Before we discuss further about Hardware Maintenance, do you know what truly is Hardware Maintenance? Hardware Maintenance does not simply suggest dusting the hardware’s exterior or cleaning its shiny case, it goes even further than that. In short, Hardware Maintenance deals with the repairing and replacement of any broken or failing computer hardware. Whether it’s a small part such as a faulty port or a malfunctioned drive, they are too classified as hardware maintenance.

From conglomerates to start-ups, businesses of all trades today are heavily relying on the IT Maintenance to ensure that everything goes effortlessly. Computer hardware, though generally believed to be reliable, could till be susceptible to damage over time. Without the help of proper hardware maintenance, your IT assets can in turn be costly to replace or maintain in the future.

Why would you allow your IT assets compromise your company’s operations and at the same time, incur unnecessary costs? Faulty IT assets could cost companies a considerable large amount of money should they stop working without any prior warnings. With this in mind, Preventative Maintenance on a constant basis will surely help to reduce the risk of any possible downtime and at the same time, boost the productivity of your company, granting greater customer’s satisfaction and lesser revenue’s impact.

At Micro2000, protecting your hardware is one of the company’s significant priorities. The IT company saves you the trouble of fretting over your company’s IT assets when the warranties are about to expire or has actually expired. After introducing its hardware maintenance services, Micro 2000 has come a long way since its announcement. Today, its external/extended warranty program has garnered a pool of long-standing big-name clients such as Singapore Press Holdings and Times Publishing Group.

Micro 2000’s Hardware Maintenance services feature:

1) Cover all Mac/ PC /Servers/ Printers and other related peripherals.

2) Repair/ Replacement Services could be on site at client’s place or at our centralized repair depot by our large pool of qualified engineers.

3) Single source customisable hardware maintenance accountability – Talk to us and our consultants will devise the most appropriate solution for your business needs.

4) Advance Loaners are available should your equipment warrant some form of repairs.

5) Replacement of parts is guaranteed to be of the same or better specs.

6) Offered both Comprehensive and Non Comprehensive (ad hoc) service contracts.

Comprehensive service contract includes spare parts, labour, services, logistics, and any repair work to be done. Non-comprehensive service contract includes only services, the labour employed to maintain the IT equipment. Any other expenses occurring during the maintenance process, like spare parts required, will be chargeable.

7) Exclude "acts of God", owner abuse, damage by computer viruses, malicious destruction to name a few. Consumables (those with lifespan) like battery are also not covered.

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