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Strategizing Your Business Through IT Outsourcing

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

A phrase widely used by many in the Information Technology (IT) industry, IT Outsourcing has taken off worldwide and has since gained wide traction within industries that heavily utilize technology on a day-to-day basis. IT Outsourcing, or for short – ITO, is a phrase used to illustrate the practice where businesses subcontract or seek external avenues to manage their IT operations and activities. Typically, companies utilize IT Outsourcing for reasons ranging from IT Maintenance to IT Support.

There is a myriad of reasons on why businesses, whether locally or internationally based, steers towards the benefits of IT Outsourcing rather than building its own in-house IT team. For instance, cost-wise would be adequate enough to deter non-IT companies from pursuing the matter of building an in-house IT team. Taking into account the budgets and resources of a company, it is a noticeable difference that subcontracting a licensed third party IT team to do the part instead would be a cheaper alternative.

Though it is easier said than done, finding the right IT partner to handle your business’ needs can be a bit of a daunting challenge. That is why, Micro 2000 has devised a strategy to provide confidence, reliability and added security measures for all its partners to meet their day-to-day needs. IT Outsourcing has been increasing exponentially in this era where it is prevalent in every facet of business. This smart move by organizations allows business executives to retain control over IT strategies while benefiting from significant savings, with reduced operating costs. At Micro 2000, we craft out the right IT Outsourcing requirements that will suit your business needs.

To offer an exceptional service in IT Outsourcing, we cut through the complexities to deliver supportive IT strategies that are specifically shaped around your business, because ultimately, service is all about flexibility.

At Micro 2000, IT Outsourcing means more than just providing you support. We proactively monitor your IT systems and carry out maintenance in the background, allowing us to address and resolve issues, while our partners continue to achieve their business goals. Whatever your organization's technology requirements are, Micro 2000 has the strategic solutions to make us the perfect partner for you.

Our IT outsourcing services cover the following areas:

IT Support Helpdesk

We provide a full IT support helpdesk to cater for all end-user support calls.

Desktop / Laptop Support

For all your hardware and software needs, including setting up and maintenance.

On-site User Support

We've encountered situations where it's best to arrange for on-site services instead.

Remote IT Support

Our remote support team is available 24/7 to deliver fast and efficient services remotely.

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