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Why Do You Need Infrastructure?

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Technology has come a long way since its days of beeping machineries with a 16-bit view. Today, large IT companies that require a large amount of power are starting to invest hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to obtain their own towers of data-processing machineries with highly-skilled functions and capabilities known as, Supercomputers, and it can usually be seen arranged in an organised fashion stored in its own customised cooling room, on top of its other high-priced IT investments. Though it may sound costly, but it does not necessarily have to be.

Let us explain what is IT Infrastructure and why your company need its serviceability to boost your business’ performance both internally and externally. IT Infrastructure refers to all the components and resources, from software, hardware to networks, required to play an active role in your company’s IT-related activities. To have a fully-functioning IT space for your business, first you have to establish a base before you develop a functioning IT environment.

Think of it as a similar concept when building a house – without a base or proper structure, there will not be any support to maintain it. With IT Infrastructure, now your company has the ability to furnish IT solutions and services to both external and internal stakeholders. With infrastructure services from Micro 2000, your business will achieve maximum performance for minimum investment.

Our infrastructure services include:

  • infrastructure design

  • server consolidation

  • virtualization

  • storage design and deployment

  • backup and archive solutions

  • business continuity management


Enables you to consolidate and make effective use and eliminates overlapping of resources. Virtualization is mainly used to be deployed as a tool to reduce cost and enhance equipment utilization rate. Today, virtualization is becoming a critical component to improve business continuity, security and infrastructure resilience. Micro 2000 offers both Server Consolidation & Virtualization and Desktop Virtualization.

Infrastructure Design:

Micro 2000 combines its experience and technical know-how to help you to leverage on existing infrastructure and optimize your IT investment to ensure that your IT infrastructure progresses in tandem with your rapidly changing business demands.

At Micro 2000, we help customers achieve cost effective solutions by right-sizing their systems.

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